Integrated IT & Business Process Optimization

Integrated IT & KPO
Our offering enables you to optimize your business and IT processes to automate and streamline the customer needs. We use an integrated service delivery approach - integrated IT & business process optimization services to customers for improved IT Performance and IT Scalability.

Integrated IT / KPO

Logica Infotech offers integrated IT & knowledge process outsourcing services to customers who need more than patching multiple disconnected services and service providers. Our managed IT services improve existing services and bring innovation and efficiencies for leveraging technology for business processes. IT and KPO integration complements to each other’s components. We deliver KPO services with many advantages and business benefits for you including better security, performance and scalability, productivity, and Business Intelligence – all at a lower total cost of ownership.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Improved IT Performance and IT Scalability: Grow your practice with Offshore capacity
  • Improved IT Security: Data transfer using secured channel
  • Improved Business Intelligence: Optimized integrated process design to enable automated process
  • Accommodates Rush processing: “Rush” orders are placed in "priority" queue that is always delivered before any non-rush orders are processed
  • Smart Business Solutions through Knowledge Process Outsourcing: We integrate IT resources to the delivery process
  • Enjoy your IT process advantage to generate new clients

Value Addition through integrated KPO services

  • Grow your practice with Offshore capacity: no need to increase staff during busy seasons or rush periods
  • Improve service delivery speed and better turn-around time for your key clients
  • Enjoy your KPO process advantage to generate new clients

We provide managed KPO services like "procure-to-pay", "hire-to-retire", "order-to-cash", “record-to-report” besides sales, general and administration vertical, and we continue to deliver IT and KPO integrated services for construction, insurance, and retail industries with end-to-end process delivery management.

Our integrated IT & Knowledge Process Outsourcing services serve leading Life Settlement providers, Life Expectancy providers across the value-chain, by providing IT & KPO integrated solutions and services with improved value and reduced operational risk. We have experienced consultants and domain specialists with experience of serving across a broad solutions portfolio as leading IT services provider for Healthcare and Life Science industry. Our integrated IT and KPO services for healthcare industry are specifically tailored to provide customers with a wide range of options, while maximizing business benefits across the value chain.

We do not necessarily use the platform-based Off-the-shelf approach for the IT and KPO integrated solutions, but we help clients to choose on the basis of what they want to accomplish. In the platform based Off-the-shelf approach, a service provider runs business processes on a platform and simply allows customers to get on to an existing one, as opposed to building a new efficient delivery model.