Improve your decision making by exploring Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Logica Infotech integrate the enterprise solutions on mobile device which bridge the gap while you are on the move need on-demand, real-time data that helps you in being connected to your Enterprise systems and that makes life easy while you can access your Enterprise system for a quick review, or when important decision making is waiting for your inputs.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions can bridge the gap while you are on the move and need on-demand, real-time data that helps you in being connected to your enterprise systems and that make life easy while you can access your enterprise application systems for a quick review, or when important decision making is waiting for your inputs.

Logica Infotech's next generation of innovations in mobility solutions seek to help users communicate with stakeholders and partners, monitor key performance indicators and make decisions based on visibility to the right information. Our implementations draw together data from both within and outside the organization, presenting the right data to the right user. The mobility solutions create a new proposition on how executives consume information while on the move, drastically slashing decision making time.

Innovations in mobility solutions

Executives and decision makers are mobile and need to monitor performance and manage their operations. They also need early warning insights based on operational data and external events. Noted that the executives need to exchange performance data with suppliers, partners and customers. Decision makers handle uncertainty of supply and demand, increased lead times from global supply sources and customers' expectations of quick response. Users on the go need to track orders, monitor movement of supply, and want to respond quickly to deviations from plan. Decision makers want to track sentiments of social online communities and measure what people are saying about the organization / brand.

Business Value

The enterprise mobility solution helps you optimize and monitor business processes on a granular level. This could lead to at least 30% increase in operational efficiencies and up to 50% reduction in cost for adapting to new regulatory compliance requirements. With our solutions you will achieve the following:

  • Access enterprise data from multiple systems simultaneously like from laptop, desktop, or from Apple iPhone, Android smartphones or Transformers.
  • Converts business intelligence and knowledge management through real-time integration with Enterprise Mobility Solutions.
  • Quickly re-design your business processes at a granular level in response to business environment changes
  • Monitor and improve the quality of service real-time.
  • Make a quick decisions based on real-time critical business information like Inventory management, Warehouse management, Procurement, Financial management, Sales/customer fulfilment.
  • Access to KPIs while on the move. Accelerated decision-making with threshold-based automatic alerts and escalation rules.

Reach information based on analysis of high volume data from multiple sources. This is now presented in an easy to use, visually appealing and secure format. Analyse the impact of external events on business strategic drivers, including financial and operational parameters. Real-time screening and integration of parameters like trade news and priority updates through enterprise common data layer implementations.

Mobile Technologies

Logica Infotech has extensive expertise in custom mobile application software development to integrate your ERP application across mobile devices. Our teams have vast experience in developing Mobile Applications across diverse platforms and devices using latest techniques for all major platforms which includes iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile platform.

Our solutions on all the major handheld and Smartphone platforms help our clients achieve a faster time to market with an unmatched cost advantage. We follow the highest standards in the industry for engineering process, product quality, delivery and support. We develop a mobility strategy with an architecture that provides an end-to-end enterprise mobility solution and evolves an easy integration with other enterprise applications.