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Logica Infotech designed and developed as well as implemented secured document and message exchange process automation for USA based client.

Business Need

Secure Message and Document Exchange system is built for the B2B client users and the internal users of our client to securely exchange message and documents between them for sensitive data transfer. Earlier most of the times they exchange their messages through email and there is no easy way out for searching and reviewing these messages later and no scope for sensitive data transfer. Moreover client users faced security risks by exchanging documents through email. We are continuously innovating better process and more efficient methodologies to pass on the benefits to our clients.

The Solution

We analyzed and re-designed client’s business process and client adopted IT process outsourcing as part of its operating model to improve efficiencies, rationalize costs and enhance competitiveness for sensitive data transfer in integrated IT and KPO processing. In 2009, they partnered with Logica Infotech in order to tap into our deep domain expertise and IT design, development, implementation and managed support excellence.

We have provided the extensive consulting, migrating, and executing large and complex business functions and processes in a global delivery framework. Our Solutions include following key differentiators of ensuring client’s business or knowledge process integration and automated processes for:

  • Data Security and specialized and secured files and message with sensitive data transfer process to ensure secured document delivery.
  • By ensuring users’ login through https with encrypted connection of 128 bit (TLS 1.0), message and document are now sent and received through secured channel lowering security risk factors.
  • Defying various size limits for different email servers as attachment size limitation can be different in different email servers. Keeping message exchange system at web application size limit is now standardized.
  • Desktop module embedded in existing desktop application for internal users to review and reply messages with document upload/download functionality.
  • Administration is very easy since this functionality can be turned on or off for particular client.
  • User authorization is controlled by “user groups” created so that users are assigned to a specific group and authorized users can ONLY access this system.

Key Customer Benefits

By reducing cost of operations and enhancing customer service, the Logica Infotech team has extended the client’s document sharing processes by implementing enterprise resource planning. Specific benefits delivered to the client by the Logica Infotech team include:

  • Seamless integrated IT and KPO processing time through secured file and message transfer process.
  • Easy and real-time transit processing in customer support and client data security is ensured.
  • Improvement in the average handling time for secured document transfer – Improved by a range secured web applications and desktop application.

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