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Logica ERP is developed for industry for the companies involved in engineering, construction, manufacturing and service oriented business groups.

Business Need

Our client, one of the largest engineering, construction companies engaged in multiple engineering and infrastructure projects. They needed a solution to streamline and optimise the operations of the entire Accounting and Finance Management, Human Resource Management, Payroll Processing, Leave, medical and LTA Management. The unavailability of features and quick processing – the Logica ERP was designed, developed and implemented for corporates. The client was losing time and money due to a lack of transparency and inconsistent communication between departments. Information was exchanged manually or sometimes not at all, which hindered decision making and created operational inefficiencies. Figuratively speaking, the left hand didn’t always know what the right hand was doing. The client wanted to improve its internal communications by creating a centralized information network.

The Solution

A highly sophisticated customization Logica ERP application was designed, developed and implemented and a new software solution has been built to optimize resource utilization and which eliminates repeated entries in many systems. New modules were developed for finance & accounting, and asset information; these modules were then integrated into one centralized application, replacing the client’s disparate, and standalone systems. Within the various modules, specialized functions were added to accommodate each department’s unique needs; these included: materials tracking, security, preventative maintenance, MIS reports, dashboard-based control, and alert management.

The ERP solution that Logica Infotech constructed also satisfied the client’s need for synchronized and streamlined internal communications. Integrating the modules enable separate departments to exchange data. With secured access to the application, employees could access key information from other areas of the company and readily available information from Logica ERP System as below:

  • End to end HR Process & Employee record processing.
  • Payroll Processing and all statutory report generations.
  • Provident Fund Recording Processing and statutory report generations.
  • Leave Recording Processing and Approval process.
  • Medical Recording Processing and Approval process.
  • LTA Recording Processing and Approval process.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Automated postings and integration between modules.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Finance Accounts and HR department have better control over data collection, increasing their productivity and delivered substantially improved efficiency in the client’s business operations.
  • The solution reduced account settlement time from several hours to a few minutes.
  • Logica ERP applications and automations helped to implement administrative control in place.

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