A stepping stone to Success of Business

You focus on business process outsourcing to manage your organization’s critical and non-critical enterprise processes and applications. Most of the companies are competing day by day and this has led to free corporate executives from their daily non-critical process management responsibilities and focus on critical processes more effectively.

Application Outsourcing

Logica Infotech believes application outsourcing isn’t about what you can get off-the-shelf. It’s about the experience that Logica Infotech has in IT support & maintenance and supporting a client’s IT investments for long decades. We believe this approach can reduce costs by as much as 50 percent. Through application outsourcing we add value to driving down cost, and driving up value propositions.

We take fresh approaches to application development and application management and offer a flexible spectrum of application outsourcing solutions. You can choose production support and application maintenance services or broaden the scope to include application testing, enhancements, upgrades, comprehensive application development or legacy application enhancements. We can focus on a single application, a group of applications or an entire portfolio of software applications. And we have deep skills and experience in all leading business process re-engineering and packaged applications as well as custom and industry applications.

We render our application outsourcing engagements to meet your specific needs, carefully considering size and complexity of your business process or knowledge process. Whether providing skilled IT professional to supplement your staff or engaging in a strategic partnership to drive business outcomes, we support your IT application development, IT application outsourcing for end to end management of your IT needs. We provide customer process oriented approaches and offer a flexible spectrum of application outsourcing services: